Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Way Back Wednesday!

I love walking down memory lane so I had to join in with Way Back Wednesday ! I grew up in the 80s and I still love the 80s, everything from the music, to the clothing. I miss the 80s, people these days just suck ass.

My husband just bought me The Breakfast Club DVD on Blu Ray a few weeks ago! I loved Rainbow Brite and I remember recording songs off of the radio on cassette tape.. sitting by the radio just waiting for a favorite song to come on. I had an Atari with Pacman and I remember Crystal Pepsi!

I had a boombox or "ghetto blaster" that looked just like that one up there. I used to take it to school and on recess we would blast Poison. Other kids did the same thing.. but nowadays, I think a kid would get in trouble for playing music at recess! 

I saw this movie in the theatre. I was scared of E.T. though because he was just creepy looking! The very first movie I ever saw in a theatre was Gremlins and I was terrified of Spike!

I found this while doing a search for 80s pics, I do not know who these people are. I remember using a half of a can of Aquafresh on my hair every day to get it to stay up (not quite as bad as this lady) after teasing it. I wonder what these people look like now???



Angi said...

Thanks for joining Way Back Wednesday!

What great memories! I remember when hairspray was going to destroy the ozone and a few companies offered hair spray that you had to pump before you could spray it.

Deanna crazed said...

Aquafresh in the white can turned my hair blue!! lol.. I remember that I used to use soo much hairspray that even after I washed my hair it still felt gross because it had soo much caked on hairspray!!

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