Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th, bwahahahahaaaaaa

Ugh, glad that this week is over and done with. We all ended up having this horrible stomach bug that totally sucked ass. My oldest had it first, then the rest of us all started getting sick Sunday evening. Getting sick every couple of hours is not fun at all!! I'm glad it is all over though, and things are back to normal again. Being sick is such a waste of time! I hate being sick for obvious reasons, but also because I don't get shit done (apart from shitting!). Then when I start feeling better I have a bunch of shit to catch up on.

That was why I didn't do Sunday Snaps again this week because Sunday was when I started to get sick. I'll do it this weekend though, not that anyone cares.

I've been kinda depressed lately. Too many people are dying. I wrote a post right before Christmas about people dying unexpectedly. Then I found out that an old friend of mine has a terminal disease. We used to be pretty close friends, he lives in Chicago. I spent a lot of time with him though before I got married and did the whole family thing. He was soo fucking funny, always doing or saying stupid shit, making everyone laugh. He is one of those people that everyone loves. We lost contact, but then found each other a few years ago on Myspace (and now Facebook). I know earlier this year, he mentioned something about having back problems and that he was in a wheelchair and couldn't walk. He was always trying to sell stuff to make money to pay his medical bills. Then a few months ago he posted on his Facebook that he was staying with his mom, and that he had a hospice nurse coming in. Hmmm, hospice, doesn't that mean terminal?? But I never came out and asked him. Then last night he posted an update about his health and said, "the hospice nurse seems to be bored with a man who has less than a year to live". .. Of course that shook me up a little bit, then I went and looked at some of his recent photos, and Holy Crap, he just looks soooo old. He's a little older than me, but not much. He looks like an old man now. I just can't imagine him not being around. He was always super active, was in a few bands, toured all over the world, now he's immobile and dying. It's just crazy how your life can just turn so quickly. We waste so much of our life bitching about this and that, starting drama, or arguing with loved ones. Life's too short for the bullshit. I've spent most of my life struggling with depression, hating myself, hating my life, hating everyone and every thing around me. I'm glad I got help for that and can enjoy what I have left of this life.

Enough heavy stuff. So, winter FINALLY decided to show up in the middle of January. It's like 16 degrees out, with a wind chill of -2, and it actually snowed a few inches. Not a lot, but this is the most we have gotten so far this fall/winter. Kids haven't even been able to go sledding yet! I don't mind though. I hate winter.



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